• Artist Series
  • #003
  • Heleena Mistry

Artist Tattoo Care Kit


What is it?

Introducing #003 of our collaborative Artist Series, celebrating the talent of accomplished and emerging tattoo artists from across the world. Hailing from Leicester in the UK, Heleena Mistry has created a safe space for people of all races, skin tones, sizes and genders to get tattooed.

“I use my art as a way to reconnect with my culture. India has such a rich and colourful history of creativity…it’s a privilege to be able to combine my heritage and tattooing.”

What’s inside?
This kit includes five of our award-winning skincare essentials for every step of your tattoo journey (plus some special merch!). From fresh ink to fully healed, this is the ultimate care collection for tattooed skin.

✔️  Aftercare Cream to soothe and hydrate throughout the healing process

Exfoliating Body Scrub to gently remove dead skin and brighten your ink

Daily Moisturiser to hydrate and protect from sun damage and fade

Highlighting Body Oil for instant, non-greasy definition and shine

Vibrancy Serum for extra brightening and hydration

X2 A5 Artist Flash Sheet

✔️  Mid-weight canvas tote bag

Any questions?

Artist Series #003