Artist Series #003 with Heleena Mistry

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In light of our latest Artist Series, Heleena Mistry talked to us about her heritage, her unique style and how she wants everyone to feel comfortable getting tattooed, whatever their race, skin tone, size or gender.

“I want everyone to see that it’s possible to have tattoos. It might look slightly different when you’re painting on a different canvas…but I’m a strong believer that tattoos were created by indigenous people. They were made for people of colour by people of colour, so why is it that we’ve kind of been rejected from this thing that we essentially created?

…There’s definitely more of a community of people of colour in the industry that want to make change and actively fight to make change now. I’d like to think I’m one of those people, that actively works to show people that you are ok to get tattoos no matter what your skin tone is, that these shouldn’t be small pockets, and that it should be the norm to be able to go into any studio anywhere and feel welcome and comfortable no matter what you look like and where you come from.”

Check Heleena's full story below or to see her Artist Series Care Kit click here