Tattoo studios to watch in the UK: South West

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Being based in the South West, we wanted to spread the word about some studios in our local area. There's plenty of talent down here, and here are just a few of the amazing studios around.

Time and Tide - Falmouth

Time and Tide has a lot to offer; fineline floral work from @sailors_rehab, illustrative styles from @johnforvictory and some bold traditional designs too by @joeycortadotattoo. It’s Falmouth’s one-stop shop for solid tattooing. 

Jezebel - Falmouth

If bright, glittery, whimsical designs are more your cup of tea, check out Jezebel, just a little further up the road from Time and Tide. Resident artists @blackbettytattoos and apprentice @rebtattoos create fun designs in a variety of styles and colourways. If pink tattoos are your thing, take a look!


Equinox Tattoo Collective - Plymouth

For bold, graphic designs, Equinox have you covered. @permanent.reminder makes dark, illustrative blackwork designs, @jpbarlowtattoos fuses realism with collage-esque elements for a unique take on portraiture, and @katechupsauce adds neon colours to neo-trad designs that are sure to stand out.


Easy Street - Plymouth

At Easy Street tattooist @jonnyrad_tattooer is your guy for illustrative fineline work, and heavy blackwork designs, @carolinederwenttattoo adds a more feminine touch with ornate patterned designs and pastel colours, and @nickwallace_tattoos provides the traditional goods.


No Regrets UK - Exeter/Bristol

No Regrets have multiple studios in Exeter, Bristol, London and Cheltenham. In the Exeter studio, you have artists like @alyatattooing_itsme who creates watercolour pieces in a unique, bold way and @laurenjaynegow who is highly skilled in dotwork and neo-traditional designs. In Bristol, you can find @alecsmack who creates graphic illustrative designs with dotwork elements, and for clean neo-traditional work.


Black Rose - Barnstaple 

Owner @gemcartertattoo creates distinctive, neon-infused traditional designs at Black Rose, alongside handpoke artist @metanoiahandpoke who specialises in dotwork designs, traditional artist @steph.eft and @jazcarrtattoos for nature designs with bright colours. 


Skin Deep - Bristol

If old school trad is your thing, the boys at Skin Deep have you covered. @jimmie_tatts, @marcosattwood, @charlieskindeep and @ozzyskindeep5695 all work in either American traditional styles, or Japanese inspired. 


One Seven Seven - Bristol 

One Seven Seven has a great range of styles, from the graffiti inspired darkly illustrative work of @silvertattoos_, colourful, to Japanese-inspired pieces from @jamesbulltattoo and realism/blackwork designs from @missgraceartist and @stutti. 


The Rising Tide Tattoo Collective -  Bournemouth

At The Rising Tide Tattoo Collective, you can find the skilful, delicate Japanese-inspired work of @affanita, floral and colourful character designs from @supersteatattoo, and anime work from @anthonymoylantattoo, among other artists working there. 

One Five - Bath

For cute and colourful tattoos, owner @abiloveless at One Five has you covered. Illustrative artist @paradox_tattoos and apprentice @zoazy_tattoos provide blackwork pieces and fineline work. 

We will be sharing more amazing studios from the South West and the rest of the UK soon, but in the meantime check out the artists listed here, and show them some love.