Foot tattoo ideas that’ll sweep you off your feet

Foot tattoo design

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Main image: Foot tattoo by Jenna Rose @jennarosetattoo 

Whether you’re adding to your tattoo collection or getting your first one, a foot tattoo should be high up on your list.

From traditional full colour pieces to delicate henna-inspired designs, big or small there are foot tattoo designs to suit everyone.

Whether you like your feet or you’re not really a fan, getting your feet tattooed will definitely increase your love for them, especially if you choose a design that you adore. You’ll also want to wear sandals, sliders or go barefoot at any given opportunity, which can’t be a bad thing, right?

So let’s jump straight in with our favourite foot tattoo ideas to inspire your next tattoo.

1. Pretty sun and moon tattoos

Foot tattooTattoo by @tattoochick1383

Get your feet tattooed as a pair with the sun and moon, we love the drippy jewels on these.

2. Super delicate florals

Foot tattooTattoo by @moonmoon_tattoo

The placement of this cherry blossom branch is beautiful, we love the soft textures in this one.

3. Henna-inspired foot tattoo

Foot tattooTattoo by @anais_chabane

This mehndi-inspired design flows across the whole foot while being super detailed and pretty.

4. Hey big bird

Foot tattooTattoo by @sidneygulka

The bright colours, use of shapes and dark lines make this pair of foot tattoos really stand out.

5. Castles in the sky

Foot tattooTattoo by @castlebasas

We couldn’t share our favourite foot tattoos without including these iconic towers.

6. Shin tattoo ideas

Foot tattooTattoo by @jennarosetattoo

If you’re getting your feet tattooed why not extend onto your shins or vice versa?

7. Matching butterflies

Foot tattooTattoo by @wittybutton_tattoo

Put a little spring in your step with an adorable butterfly tattoo, and it’s even better to match with a friend or loved one.

8. Black and grey rose

Foot tattooTattoo by @bakon_one 

This tattoo flows so nicely, a close up of a larger piece, we love the use of negative space in this one.

9. Sole tattoo

foot tattooTattoo by

If you’re feeling brave why not get the sole of your foot tattooed? This small ink nods to the wearer’s heritage.

10. Disney cuteness overload!

Foot tattooTattoo by @kv_more_than_ink

Peter Pan and Wendy, the iconic duo, fit perfectly across two feet. We love the contrast of these including the small star details. What Disney characters would you choose?

11. Feather tattoo

Foot tattooTattoo by @ernstkronetattoo

A feather with its natural curves will beautifully accentuate the shape of anyone’s foot.

Foot tattoo aftercare

Your feet are one of the most sensitive areas of your body to get tattooed. When it comes to foot tattoo aftercare, there are a few things you should do to promote happy healing. 

  • You should keep your feet clean, but avoid taking baths, swimming, or submerging them in other bodies of water.
  • Try and rest your feet as much as possible, at least for the first 48 hours.
  • Definitely don't go running, or to the gym, as this will cause your feet to sweat which can increase the risk of infection.
  • Keep your feet lightly moisturised with a natural, fragrance-free aftercare cream or moisturiser.
  • Resist the urge to touch your tattoo, and don't let anyone else touch it either.  

Jenna Rose (@jennarosetattoo) is a tattoo artist at Good Grief Tattoo (@goodgrieftattoos) in Stanstead. 

"Feet are particularly prone to swelling and being rather sore after a tattoo session," she says. "So I always recommend avoiding socks with tight elastic or shoes with straps that may cut in. I personally prefer to wear a pair of soft, cushiony old trainers that keep my feet nice and secure."

While the aftercare may take a little more thought, feet tattoos are wonderful and, in our opinion, totally worth a bit of extra care.

"I've always loved how ornamental and patternwork designs compliment the flow of the shin and the feet and adore the addition of symmetry," adds Jenna.

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