Angelica Nolasco

Angelica Nolasco

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Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Angelica, I'm 22 years old and I was born in Cubeo, a small town near the Alps, in the Piemonte region. When I was 13 I had the realisation that my life would always be related to Art in some way. With this in mind, I decided to enroll in the local artistic high school near me. Later on, I understood that I loved the combination between Art and Tattooing and this led me to move to Venice in order to simultaneously attend the Academy of Fine Arts and the MITA (International Master in Artistic Tattooing), directed by Alex De Pase. At the beginning doing both things together was a little challenging, but I soon decided which road to take. In this period I also created my own personal style, that I call 'Top Down'. It literally means looking from the world top down, depicting the beauty in satellite views of oceans and lands.

Where is your studio based and why?

My intention is to work around the world - I have always loved taking photos of these places that I know someday will be tattooed onto skin . In my opinion, working and travelling at the same time is a personal and professional stimulus. For this reason I chose not to have the constraint of a single studio.

What interests do you have outside of the studio?

Despite being born near the mountains, I've always had a strong attraction for water and oceans. This is why I also love everything related to nature and this world, for example sports such as kitesurfing and diving. I'm quite an active person and I enjoy practicing these activities when I have the time. In addition, I'm passionate about painting and visiting exhibitions for inspiration. In fact, the other side of my job consists of this. I also create paintings that represent satellite views of the Earth as well. Another interest of mine is photography, especially with my analog camera, through which I capture the moments of daily life.

When did you first decide to get tattooed and what was your first tattoo?

My first tattoo was of a blue whale and I did it with my Dad. When I was a child I suffered from otitis and I couldn't stand any of the common remedies. For this reason my Dad bless him tried to replicate the sound of whales, as he shares my passion for the sea, which he clearly passed on to me. This is why we opted for this tattoo to remember this moment. 

What’s the main influences behind your work?

Ever since I was a child, I used to look at things from a different perspective and challenge things I didn't like. Considering how things are going in this historical period, we're probably not appreciating planet Earth for what it is - so I decided to showcase this splendor from an aerial view for people to see. I hope this will inspire my clients, who will always bring a piece of Planet Earth with them. 

What’s your favourite style to do on clients and why?

The style I usually recommend is my own distinct style, the 'Top Down' views of our planet with all the colours and beauty captured by satellite imagery.

What does tattooing mean to you?

Tattooing is the perfect expression of who I am and reveals my deep bond with Art and the Ocean.