13 Ear Tattoo Ideas for 2023

13 Ear Tattoo Ideas for 2023

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Main image: Tattoo by @tattoojanai

The fastest growing tattoo trend and one we’ve seen all over Instagram lately is ear tattoos. If you’ve not considered this spot for a tattoo before, you really should.

Whatever your tattoo style or ear shape there are ear tattoos for everyone. The small space makes a beautiful place for a tattoo, plus you can bring the design onto the side of your face and back of your ear if you want.

These cute usually minimal style tattoos pair perfectly with piercings or instead of, if like many of us you find piercings more painful than tattoos! Add tattoos for your ears to your tattoo to-do list and scroll on for some serious inspiration.

Whether you’re looking for a hand poke tattoo, cutesy colour designs or blackwork to adorn your inner ears, we’ve picked our favourite ear tattoo ideas to inspire your next tattoo.

1. Let the sun shine

Ear tattoo by @mollyjanetattoo Tattoo by @mollyjanetattoo

The top of the ear is the most amazing shape for some sun rays, and we love the ornamental details too.

2. Snake in the ear

Ear tattoo by @rootedbodytattooTattoo by @rootedbodytattoo

Snakes always make for awesome tattoos and this hand poked one is no exception.

3. I’m still bejewelled

Ear tattoo by @charlottelucyy_tattooTattoo by @charlottelucyy_tattoo

We love the teeny tiny glittery designs in this ear tattoo and the heart on the lobe is super cute too.

4. Swirl me right round

Ear tattoo by @sevensnakes_tattooTattoo by @sevensnakes_tattoo

These tentacle like swirls and matching dots look amazing here.

5. Leafy trails

Ear tattoo by @slowpokes_Tattoo by @slowpokes_

Why stick to just your ear? Like this tattoo, add a leaf behind your ear to frame your ear and keep the flow going.

6. For the animal lovers

Ear tattoo by @olenjanta.tttTattoo by @olejanta.ttt

Got a favourite animal? See if it’ll fit in your ear. This cheeky koala looks super cute chilling up top in this inner ear.

7. Whatever the weather

Ear tattoo by @sevensnakes_tattooTattoo by @sevensnakes_tattoo

Rain or shine, this ear tattoo will always brighten your day. 

8. Mandala ear tattoo

Ear tattoo by @sosssinkTattoo by @sossink

A pattern work classic, the mandala will never go out of style. These would look great around a couple of piercings too.

9. Flower power

Ear tattoo by @lucymytattooTattoo by @lucymytattoo

Bright colours and delecate lines make for a beuatiful nature-inspired ear tattoo.

10. Bits and bobs

Ear tattoo by @tattoojanaiTattoo by @tattoojanai

In bright, bold colours this ear tattoo is for those who live their lives in full colour.

11. Delicate leaves

 Ear tattoo by @megansancheztattooTattoo by @megansancheztattoo and @speckledfrogtattoo

Hand poked, these leaves look as if they’re growing through the ear - love it.

12. Abstract lines

Ear tattoo by @andgy_sloanTattoo by @andgy_sloan

Add a sense of fluidity and movement with a Suminagashi inspired ear tattoo.

13. My moon and stars

Ear tattoo by @peachyansleyTattoo by @peachyansley

Gorgeous celestial vibes in this one and it includes a sprinkling of glitter behind the ear too.

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