21 Heart Tattoos We Love This Valentine's Day

Two people creating a heart shape with their hands

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Love it or loathe it, Valentine's Day is back.

And while we often think V-Day is all about romantic love; friendship, family, and even self-love can all be repped with a heart tattoo.

With this in mind, these 21 designs may just get you thinking about your next ink.

1. Two hearts are better than one


2. Love hurts

3. Eye Love You

4. Flower powerย 

5. Who has the key to your heart?

6. Love is Simple

Love doesn't have to be complicated, and neither do your tattoos. Sometimes simple works just as well.

7. Love is Strongย 

8. For the family that has got your back

9. Love is Like a Rainbow

10. Roses are red, violets are blue...

..you said "bite me", I said "don't mind if I do".

11. A little bit of love

12. Together Forever

13. Til Death Us do Part

14. On the Wings of Love

15. J and V sitting in a tree...


16. All You Need Is Love

17. Love is Kind

18. Don't Go Breaking My Heart

19. The Colour of Love

20. For those Careless Whispers

21. Self love

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