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Artist highlight: Megan Stacey

Words by Rosalie Hurr
Artist highlight: Megan Stacey

Introducing Megan Stacey, tattoo artist at the new Stories & Ink studio.

Moving her life from the Midlands to Cornwall was a big gamble for Megan Stacey (@meganstaceyartist), currently a resident tattooist at Stories & Ink's studio in Falmouth.

"I’m definitely a stay at home girl," Megan says. “It was a big risk moving so far from what was familiar and not knowing if I'd get work."

Fast forward a couple of years and Megan says her decision has definitely paid off: "I'm busier now than I've ever been and I’m super proud of that."

Taking inspiration from the local landscape and array of fellow creatives that call Cornwall home, we chat to Megan about how she got started, as well as her life as a tattooist in this part of the world.

How are you settling into Stories & Ink, Falmouth?

Stories & Ink tattoo suidio, Falmouth artistsStories & Ink, Falmouth resident artists (from left to right): Frances Barton, Megan Stacey, Ellie Cryer 

I love my new space here at Stories & Ink. It's such a beautiful space with the sea about a 10 second walk away! It really is such a dream. I've settled in very quickly and feel very at home here.

There are lots of amazing tattoo artists in Cornwall, it’s a very creative place. All the tattooists I’ve met here are super talented and lovely people with no ego. My surroundings have always been really important to me. Cornwall is a very inspiring place for me, I’m surrounded by beautiful landscapes and lots of creative people.

I think there is always the chance to be inspired here, nice walks, quirky shops and art galleries!

Porthcurno beach surfers in CornwallSurfers at Porthcurno Beach, Cornwall

What inspired you to become an artist?

I was never that interested in tattoos when I was younger, probably because I never saw a style that attracted me. Although I was always interested in body art including mehndi and experimented a lot with henna on myself and friends!

I did art and design at college, and then went on to study fine art at Falmouth University. Art has always been a passion of mine, and I knew I wanted to be an artist from a young age, but I never knew which direction that would take me. My main interest was painting for a long time, tattooing came much later!

Megan Stacey tattoo artist

I’ve been tattooing for nearly five years now. I used to date a very heavily tattooed man, and at the time I had no tattoos - he had a tattoo machine and I started experimenting on him for fun. I then started getting tattoos myself and developed a real interest, and managed to get myself an apprenticeship!

"I'm not precious about what goes on my body any more - it's part of my progression in life"

My first tattoo was some writing on my arm when I was 18, it’s now covered with half a sleeve of black swirly lines! I stopped liking it a long time ago. I’m not precious about what goes on my body any more - it’s all part of my progression in life and I love seeing the development on my body.

I have a very random selection now, all which tell a story for me in some way and I love that! I wouldn’t change any tattoo that I have, but I will continue adding and changing what I have.

What inspires your designs?

Tattoo by Megan Stacey

I’d say I mainly take inspiration from decorative objects such as fabrics, rugs, jewellery and ornaments from different cultures, but I am always inspired by other artists and different styles of tattooing!

I would love to start doing more colour pieces. I have some really beautiful earthy colours such as mustard, olive green, browns etc. and I think these would really complement the style I am currently doing - I would love to experiment with that.

Also doing more large scale pieces with a lot of detail! I'd love to do more full shin pieces and back pieces.

Where's been your favourite place to travel and tattoo?

I haven’t travelled much to tattoo. I’m definitely a stay at home girl! Although I recently did a guest spot with the amazing guys at Sursum Tattoo (@sursumtattoo) in Pembrokeshire and had an absolute blast there!

And when you're not tattooing?

Beach walks, pubs, out on my boyfriend's boat, yoga, painting. All of the fun stuff!

To book an appointment with Megan Stacey at Stories & Ink, Falmouth, visit @storiesandinkfalmouth.

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