Artist Highlight: Wolfmumma

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Wolfmumma is an illustrator, tattoo artist and parent based in North Wales, UK. Anna graduated from Falmouth University in 2008 and last year opened her own tattoo studio in Penrhyn Bay. Her dark, illustrative style is definitely striking, so to find out more about it we spoke with Anna about her work…


How would you describe your style of tattooing? 

I would describe my work as illustrative blackwork. Most of my work features bold lines and stippling with white highlights. I’ve always been inspired by the human form, figure drawing was super important to me growing up. Besides that, my inspiration comes from many different sources. My drive to create is definitely a selfish one as I use my art to understand my own journey as a domestic abuse survivor and parent. It blows my mind that people want drawings and paintings I’ve created through my own therapy, as tattoos. That feels like magic. The power of tattoos for self-reclamation is in itself inspiring. Being able to help someone in this way makes me happy. 

When did you decide you wanted to pursue a career in tattooing? 

I’ve only been tattooing for five to six years, which doesn’t feel that long especially considering lockdown, but I’ve been a freelance illustrator and artist all my life. I’m happier working more closely with people and it’s definitely more rewarding. It seemed like the next logical step in my career; I’ve always loved tattoos. As soon as my youngest kid started school I began my apprenticeship. Since lockdown I have opened my own studio which still feels unreal, having a place I’m comfortable in has really helped my practice and I’m able to offer clients a more holistic setting for their tattoo experience.

What are your favourite tattoos to make?

I adore figures, portraits and anything nature related. I get such a kick out of solid line work, and I’m really enjoying tattooing tarot cards at the moment. 

What stimulates you outside of your career?

I literally work and parent all the time! I’m not even going to pretend I have any sort of life outside of this. It is a juggling act and I’m sure many parents out there can relate. Stolen moments away from the business or children are used for painting, exercise and petting the cat. I’d hate to set unrealistic expectations so I’m ok with admitting that it can be a struggle. 

Have you ever tattooed elsewhere? Any guest spots coming up?

I have not traveled with tattooing yet! I’m very much looking forward to doing so though. I have a few guest spots planned in various countries so I’m super excited to bring those to fruition. I’m also excited to book in with some amazing artists in various places, I’m trying to save some skin for tattoo holidays. 


What are your views on veganism and using vegan tattoo products?

There really is no excuse for tattoo products not to be vegan. I personally would never recommend anything to my clients that isn’t vegan. It’s important to me that everything in the tattooing process from start to finish is vegan. A no brainer!

Keep an eye out for any guest spots and new projects from Anna, by following them on Instagram @wolfmumma.