The Best Aftercare Cream & Moisturiser for Tattoos

The Best Aftercare Cream & Moisturiser for Tattoos

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Looking for the best aftercare creams for your tattoo? Find out more about our formulations, as well as honest and trusted reviews from verified Stories & Ink customers.

Our tattoo creams and moisturisers

Keeping your tattoo as fresh as the day it was inked has never smelt so good. Our nourishing formulations mean you can protect your new tats and refresh older ones with products that fit into your lifestyle. But which one to choose?

Which is the best tattoo cream for me?

To heal a new tattoo, we recommend the aftercare cream, while the daily tattoo moisturiser and vibrancy serum are great for everyday tattoo care and making your body art pop!

Don't just take our word for it

Flick through our verified reviews from body art enthusiasts, just like you.

Tattoo healing cream

For the best cream to put on a new tattoo, our aftercare cream does the job.

Fragrance free, 100% natural and hypoallergenic, this beauty is exactly what your fresh tattoos are crying out for as it helps reduce inflammation while soothing and hydrating damaged skin. 

Unlike many 'normal' creams (i.e. not made specifically for new tattoos), the non-greasy texture allows your skin to breathe during recovery, a vital part of healthy healing.

What our customers have to say:

"Brilliant! I love this product, my tattoo is currently at the itchy stage and this product soothes it instantly. It also seems to be healing a lot quicker than my other tattoos! Will definitely buy again and will also be purchasing other products, thanks guys." - Sarah

"Was looking for an after care cream for my new tattoo and after reading the reviews decided to give it a try. The cream was great, my tattoo healed really well with hardly any scabbing or flaking. The cream itself smells great, not very greasy and applies really well. The only after care I will be using from now on." - Stephen

"The only aftercare cream for me! I love this aftercare cream. I'm on my third tube now and I will never use anything else for my healing tattoos. It soothes sore and swollen skin and instantly relieves itching while adding just enough moisture. It's really light and non-greasy and absorbs quickly without leaving your skin feeling sticky or slimy. A little goes a long way too." - Gemma

Tattoo moisturising cream

For an everyday cream, our best-selling daily tattoo moisturiser is the one for your bathroom shelf.

Made for keeping healed tattooed skin nourished and hydrated, special ingredient Liftonin-Xpert™ firms and smooths. Meanwhile, UVA/UVB filters help shield your skin from the sun, preventing discolouration and fading.

This moisturiser provides a 'non-greasy' finish and is paraben-free, cruelty-free and vegan-friendly. Plus, it's appropriate for all skin types.

What our customers have to say:

"The moisturiser is so good, it’s got a nice smell to it too. It drys quick and keeps the tattoo looking good all day. The coverage is really good and it’s not too thick. The aftercare cream has been the best one I’ve used for making my tattoo heal quick and still looks good." - Lee

"Fabulous product - only regret not knowing about it sooner.This is my 3rd tube of the daily moisturiser - need I say more? All of the S&I products are fantastic however this has to be my absolute favourite, it smells divine but most importantly keeps my ink looking tip-top and the rest of my skin super soft." - Joanna

"Amazing! This is the best moisturiser I’ve come across it’s not greasy sinks into the skin and smells lovely as well. I use this along with the vibrancy serum and the highlighting body spray all of which is amazing so glad I stumbled across Stories and Ink." - Reichelt

Tattoo brightening cream

For that “wow have you had a new tattoo?” moment - add our vibrancy serum to your basket.

Providing a boost of brightness for tired looking tattoos, this product contains gentle Amino Acids that brighten and exfoliate dull looking ink. Meanwhile, Inca Inchi Oil nourishes and hydrates your skin.

Simply apply a thin amount over your tattooed skin, leave on overnight, and wake up to brighter, fresher tattoos. Use the vibrancy serum alongside the Daily Moisturiser or Hydrating Body Oil to keep your tattoos looking tip-top.

What our customers have to say:

"This vibrancy serum has made a noticeable difference to my faded tattoos. It smells great and dries in really quickly. You get quite a lot in a tube too. I’ll definitely be purchasing this again!" - Emily

"Excellent product. The vibrancy serum has not disappointed. The product arrived quickly, smells amazing and a little goes a long way! It easily absorbs into the skin leaving my skin feeling silky soft. I've been using the product for a week now and I am starting to see the difference in the appearance of my tattoos." - Karen

"This product is amazing, and if you really do want to look after your prize possessions, you need to start using this serum, are use this alongside the daily moisturiser. I use moisturiser in the morning and the serum before I go to bed at night - it really does hydrate your tattoos and leave them looking really vibrant and smelling gorgeous." - John

Our formulations, your questions...

What ingredients should I avoid on my tattoo?

Harsh chemicals, parabens and drying ingredients such as alcohol should be avoided. That’s why we created a fragrance free, 100% natural and gluten free and hypoallergenic aftercare cream with no parabens, appropriate for all skin types. Other products may contain fragrances - though they’re all natural and dermatologically tested.

What if I have eczema?

It depends what makes your eczema flare up, but we have worked hard to create hypoallergenic products to suit all skin types. Be sure to read up on our guide to eczema and tattoos.

Are your products vegan?

Yes! Animal loving pals can rest assured our products are vegan and cruelty free.

Can you use E45 cream on tattoos?

Although E45 sounds like it would be good for a new tattoo with its moisturising and protective properties, it’s not the best aftercare cream for a few reasons - read our guide on E45 here.

Where can I buy your tattoo moisturisers and creams?

You can buy our aftercare creams online with a discount when you subscribe and save. Or if you’re local to Cornwall, come visit us in our Falmouth studio.

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