Beautiful Birth Flower Tattoos For Every Month

Beautiful Birth Flower Tattoos For Every Month

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From January to July, bring your birth blooms to life with a birth flower tattoo. Looking for design inspiration? We've found our favourite fine line, minimalist, bouquet and family flower tattoos.

Birth flower tattoos by month

From single stems to minimalist bouquets, birth flower tattoos are a subtle ode to someone special - or perhaps your own birthday. There are sometimes a few flowers for each month, so take your pick from seasonal stems, or entwine a few favourites to celebrate your friends and family.

"I think birth flowers are such a beautiful way to not only embrace the month you are born in, but have something floral on you as well. My favourite thing is when I’m able to tattoo a birth flower for a client to symbolise their relatives (from the month they’re born), it’s so wholesome and natural," says Amy, tattoo artist @amylowdontattoo from Brighton.

January birth flower tattoo

Not the most colourful of seasons, January is limited when it comes to flowers. But like most months, there are still two to choose from. Associated with new beginnings, snowdrops are often the first flowers to bloom at the end of winter, with connotations of purity and innocence. These are joined by carnations, said to get their name from “coronation” because they have often featured in flower crowns through history.


February birth flower tattoo

If you or a loved one have a birthday in February there are three flowers to choose from - violet, primrose, and iris. A month of love, it’s no surprise that the violet is a symbol of fertility, while the primrose sends the message "I can't live without you." The iris, also a purple flower, shares meaning with hope and trust, as well as being the Greek goddess of the rainbow.


March birth flower tattoo

Spring has sprung! Of course the humble daffodil has to feature in any tattoos that celebrate the start of this season. Jonquils are also a March birth flower, the smaller sister of the daffodil with paler petals. Entwining birthstones and flowers are a popular tattoo combination - so perhaps design a March inspired tattoo along with the blue hues of aquamarine.


April birth flower tattoo

A sign of friendship, April’s sweet pea would make the perfect ode to a pal. Also this month’s birth flower, a fun daisy chain would have a similar meaning.


May birth flower tattoo

Lily of the valley and hawthorn are the flowers for May. The stunning white lily of the valley can be symbol of loss just as much as it can be happiness and joy - so it’s the perfect petal to remember someone special. The hawthorn on the other hand is a surprising one for May - as it looks like a rather festive shrub. However the delicate pink and white flowers bloom in this birthday month.


June birth flower tattoo

June might have the prettiest birth flowers - with classic rose and dainty honeysuckle, which means happiness and affection. Interpret the rose as you wish, from traditional styles to more photorealistic body art.


July birth flower tattoo

From waterlilies to larkspur, July’s birth flowers come bursting in with pink, purple and blue hues. Also known as delphiniums, the larkspur represents different bonds depending on the colour. Blue means grace, pink is affection, white is happiness and purple has connotations of first love.


August birth flower tattoo

August brings in pinks and red with poppies and gladiolus, meaning "little sword" because of their shape. A similar silhouette to larkspur, together they would make for a stunning bouquet to celebrate summer birthdays.


September birth flower tattoo

September’s first birth flower is the blue and pink morning glory, with their vines representing obsession and undying love. Whilst the aster, named after the Greek word for star, represents wisdom and faith.


October birth flower tattoo

If your loved one is born in October, marigold and cosmos are the birth flowers for their commemorative tattoo. Also from the aster family, the cosmos flower represents simplicity, harmony and balance. A vibrant orange flower, the marigold lends itself to autumnal inspired tattoos, as well as fine line detailing.


November birth flower tattoo

With their similar fluffy flower heads, chrysanthemum and peonies make the perfect November birth flower bouquet. Like larkspur, peonies have meanings depending on their colour - pink for good luck, yellow for new beginnings and red for passion.


December birth flower tattoo

Holly, poinsettia and narcissus are the flowers for a Christmas birthday, which look great tattooed with a jewel toned December birthstone or as a minimalist blackwork tattoo.

Hollie of @hollielimertattoo in Nottingham is also fond of a birth flower, having recently created a flash sheet.

"There’s something special about combining flowers of your favourite people into one piece"

"What I love about birth flower tattoos is how personal & customisable they are," she says. "I don’t think you can ever go wrong with flowers & I often suggest birth flowers if a customer wants something meaningful but isn’t sure what to get. I’ve worked a variety of birth flower pieces from small single flowers to large half sleeves incorporating the flowers of whole families! There’s something very special about combining the flowers of your favourite people into one piece."


Family birth flower tattoos

Looking for floral tattoos to represent your nearest and dearest? Why not weave together the blooms from different months to create a family birth flower tattoo? From peonies to poppies, go for a colourful sleeve or opt for a minimalist family tree.

Bouquet of birth flowers tattoo

A bouquet of birth flowers is a perfect way to celebrate more than one person in your life - even adding your own birthday. Perhaps make up a bunch based on your children’s birth flowers, matching mother and daughter tattoos or create an elegant single stem posy, complete with ribbon or twine.

Fine line birth flower tattoo

The fine line style of tattoos works well for birth flowers, especially placed on ankles and inner arms. Opt for dainty stems in different lengths for a whimsical but minimalist tattoo.

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