Can you tattoo over a mole?

Tattoo around a mole

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If you have moles, you may be wondering if they'll affect how your tattoos look, or if you can even get tattooed. We’re here to answer all your questions about skin irregularities and tattoo safety.

Moles of course are all different; some are flat, some raised, large, small, light and dark. And, as we all know, they are something it’s best to keep an eye on.

Changes to the appearance of a mole can be warning signs of skin cancers. And getting a tattoo on top of them would make it much harder to notice any changes.

Good artists would not agree to tattoo over a mole for various reasons:

Moles absorb ink differently

The texture of a mole is different from normal skin, and some artists have noted that if you try to tattoo over a mole it can absorb ink much quicker than the rest of the skin.

This can lead to an area of oversaturation, which could impact the design as a whole. This is why tattooists will tattoo around a mole instead of creating a tattoo that covers a mole. 

Moles can bleed more

If you’ve ever accidentally cut a mole while shaving, you'll know that they bleed a lot more than normal skin. This is also true of tattooing.

You may experience a small amount of bleeding with any tattoo, but a tattoo over a mole can result in excessive bleeding. This is uncomfortable to experience, and one of the reasons your tattoo shouldn't go over a mole. 

Why does my tattoo not go over a mole?

As we mentioned before, the most important reason and the reason why artists will always almost avoid a mole when tattooing, is to keep moles visible.

It’s important that you're able to inspect your moles, and keep an eye on them for any changes, which could indicate the health of the mole and of your skin in general. Changes in a mole could be a sign of melanoma, so it’s really important to note any changes to your moles and bring them up with a GP. 

Design your tattoo around your mole

This isn’t to say you can’t get tattooed, you just have to do it a little differently. Your artist will be able to design the tattoo to fit around your mole, rather than go over it. You can choose colours that complement your mole, or detract from it, it’s up to you!

Or, there are options for mole removal, if you feel you'd like to go down that route, or if it's necessary for your health.

We hope that your questions about tattoos and moles have been answered. As ever, if you're concerned about a mole, bring it up with your GP and get it inspected as soon as you can.

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