How to look after your tattoos in winter

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Skincare doesn't end when we start wearing more layers. We're here to explain how to keep your tattoos in great condition by looking after them throughout the winter months, whether they are brand new or years old. 

New tattoos

If you’re looking to get some new tattoos, winter is definitely a good time to do it. But beware of freezing temperatures; the cold air will dry your skin out faster, meaning your tattoo may dry out more than it would at other times of year. More reason to invest in a good aftercare cream, and apply little and often to keep your new pieces moisturised and protected from the elements. 

Stay hydrated to help your skin heal

It’s common for people to get dehydrated quicker in the winter, as we reach more for hot, caffeinated drinks, and less so for water. But try your best to keep hydrated, as this will help your skin to heal quickly and keep your tattoo looking its best. 

Keep your tattoo covered up

Keeping your tattoo covered up with cosy winter clothes is the best way to let it heal, while protecting it from both the cold weather and UV rays. But it is worth thinking about what sorts of materials you are wearing; woolen garments that are slightly rougher may rub on your new tattoo a bit too much, which could dislodge the scabs that form. This could result in a patchy tattoo once healed, so it’s worth choosing softer and smoother materials like cotton for your clothes at this time. 


Moisturise your tattoos daily

As we mentioned before, the colder air, as well as using heating in our homes, all creates a drier environment which will dry your skin out. This can make tattoos look dry and dull, which nobody wants. To combat this, use a good moisturiser daily, especially after you’ve just taken a shower to lock in hydration. Our daily moisturiser is perfect for this, and you can double up with the highlighting body oil.

Hydration is key

It’s also important to stay hydrated, as hydration is the most important thing to keep your skin looking good, and your tattoos too. Try drinking herbal teas and fruit infusions during the winter, as these drinks count as part of your daily water intake. Caffeine is a mild diuretic and may end up dehydrating you, so opt for caffeine free choices!

Humidity can help

If your home is feeling particularly dry this time of year, you could think about investing in a humidifier. They are fairly inexpensive, and can help to add moisture back into air that has been dried out by heating. Humidifiers can also help with colds and congestion which are common this time of year too, as well as helping your skin. 

Exfoliate to brighten

Regular exfoliation can help to bring colour out from dull dead skin that builds up in the winter months. Using a gentle exfoliator like our exfoliating body wash when you shower will bring back the vibrancy of your tattoos, and allow products like moisturisers to work more effectively to hydrate the skin. 

Use spf even in the winter

Protect your tattoos from UV rays, even when it seems like there’s no sun! If you have tattoos that are exposed to the sun all year round, like hand tattoos or neck tattoos, remember to always apply spf to them. UV rays are the most damaging thing to tattoos, and cause them to deteriorate fast. UV rays are also present all year round, even when the weather seems cold and dark. Keep on top of your sun cream application!

For more information on tattoo care year-round, check out our ultimate guide to tattoo care.