On Wednesdays we wear pink

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Louise Simpson (@bunnie.tatz) is a resident artist at White Boar Tattoo Studio in Sheffield, UK. Louise's pastel colour pallet and 'cutesy' take on traditional tattoo design is what first caught our eye. Only in her second year of tattooing we look forward to seeing more work from Louise as she takes her place in the UK's northern tattoo scene. 

How would you describe your style of tattooing? 

I would definitely say bold and girly. I absolutely love traditional designs, Sanrio, playboy and leopard print so I try to incorporate them all into a bold traditional style!

We love the colour palette you use in your work, pink is super prevalent across a lot of your designs. Where did the love for all things cute and pink come?

The pastel aesthetic was something I had always enjoyed so I just started experimenting with colour schemes and patterns. I am a big collector of kitschy and cute things so a lot of my inspiration and colours come from a combination of cutesy vintage illustrations and Sanrio plushies 😊

There’s a great scene for tattooing in the North, how do you find the tattoo community in Sheffield?

There are some very talented artists in the north and I’m so happy I’ve been able to collect some of their work over the years. Everyone I have met along the way has been super welcoming and friendly 💖

How long have you been tattooing for?

I am approaching 2 years in January 2022 so I am still a baby tattooer!

We noticed you are registered on the Trans Friendly directory, that is great to see! We have recently registered with the organisation ourselves. Do you think there is still work to be done in making the tattoo industry a more inclusive space?

I think the idea of going into a studio can be intimidating still so I try to personally provide a safe space for everyone. I’m happy to be part of a workplace that is female and queer lead that is totally inclusive of everyone, treating everyone with respect and dignity. 


Tell me what the importance of having a vegan lifestyle is to you? Do you use vegan inks etc?

Absolutely everything I use is vegan! I make sure anything and everything is completely vegan including inks, creams and soaps etc. Nearly all of my setup is completely eco friendly and biodegradable plastics as well! I’m always trying to reduce the amount of plastic waste I’m putting out too.

We can see you have a couple of guest spots booked in for the summer, what do you love most about guesting?

I think the best thing about guesting in other studios is being able to meet other artists whose work I admire online and discovering new artists along the way.

How are you finding our range?

I've really enjoyed the combination of the exfoliating body wash and vibrancy serum, they have left my skin super soft and my tattoos look fresh again!