Semicolon Tattoos; Your Story Isn’t Over

Woman writing in a blank notebook with a semicolon tattoo on her wrist

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What does a semicolon tattoo mean?

Unique as you are, semicolon tattoos have become a minimalist symbol of continuation, for a while now. Really simple and especially beautiful semicolon tattoos stand for hope. Place them on your wrist, behind your ear, your finger or anywhere you like, it’s your body after all. Every time you look at this meaningful tattoo you’ll be reminded that you and other semicolon tattoo wearers kept going and made it through.

A semicolon is a punctuation mark that represents a pause that is more significant than a comma but less significant than a full stop. A semicolon often joins two related yet independent sentences together. It’s a sign that suggests that your story isn’t over, what has come before can lead into the next. That the writer could have chosen to end the sentence with a full stop but chose not to.

A mental health tattoo

The semicolon tattoo is also linked to the Project Semicolon - a non-profit movement dedicated to presenting hope to those who are struggling with mental health, suicide, self-injury, and addiction. With this, the semicolon tattoo has become an emblem of mental health awareness and suicide prevention. Raising awareness through ink.

"A semicolon is used when an author could've chosen to end their sentence, but chose not to. The author is you, and the sentence is your life." Project Semicolon

Those who choose to get a semicolon tattoo design show their solidarity with those who face mental health issues, honour someone or the wearer is commemorating their own experiences. They’re joined together by a community with the same tattoo inked on their skin.

Semicolon tattoo ideas

If you’re looking to add a semicolon tattoo to your collection or get one as your first tattoo, scroll on for semicolon tattoo ideas. From simple linework designs to colourful watercolour, we've picked 30 of our favourites so there's something for everyone. 

1. Tiny semicolon tattoo

How adorable is this one? If you're a fan of teeny tiny tattoos this semicolon is for you! 

2. Colour butterfly tattoo

In dazzling colour, this semicolon butterfly tattoo symbolises new beginnings and rebirth.


3. Linework butterfly semicolon

If you're more of a fine line tattoo fan, then this butterfly is for you. We love how flowers are also brought into this design. 


4. Semicolon heart tattoo

A cute way to show love for yourself or honour a loved one, the semicolon is paired with a heart. Share the love even more with matching tattoos! 


5. Cat semicolon tattoo

Perfect for cat lovers, the comma is topped with an adorable cat symbol. This would also work with a dog on top too (scroll down to see it in action)!


6. Watercolour

Adding a splash of colour, the traditional semicolon is transformed into a watercolour semicolon tattoo. The colours express the beauty that can be found when we live our lives in full colour. 


7. Mystic space themed semicolon

Show your love for all things mystical with a space-themed tattoo. We love the watercolour effect as well. 


8. Dog person

This is one for the dog lovers out there. Transform the classic semicolon into a cute dog to celebrate your canine pals too. 


9. Your motto

Got a favourite phrase that's important to you? Swap a letter for a semicolon and make an already meaningful tattoo even more powerful. 


10. Paw print 

Honour loved ones including pawed pals with a cute paw print semicolon.


11. Meaningful word

Use your semicolon to replace a letter in a word that means something to you. We think this one is perfect. 


12. Lock it down

Incorporating the semicolon design in a neo-traditional style locket tattoo shows the wearer's commitment to the cause. 


13. Shell yeah

A semicolon tattoo that's totally you, this one nods to the trend with a cool mermaid vibe. 


14. Rainbow semicolon

Show your love for colour with an awesome rainbow themed semicolon tattoo. We love the vibrancy of this piece and the ink splatter effect. 


15. High flying birds

Celebrate freedom and nature with birds flying out of a semicolon. 

16. Spirited Away

Tattoos should be of the things you love, and a semicolon tattoo is no different. Nod to Studio Ghibli with this take on the classic.


17. Abstract butterfly semicolon

If you're into simple lined tattoos this semicolon is a must. The nod to freedom with the butterfly is beautiful too.


18. Hidden semicolon tattoo

Pointing in a specific direction, the arrow symbolises moving forward and ambition. Can you spot the small semicolon here?


19. Bright Disney tattoo

Mickey Mouse, watercolour, semicolon - what's not to love? A tattoo that's perfect for Disney fans everywhere.  


20. Musical note

Calling all musicians and playlist makers, this is the semicolon for you. A musical note makes for a unique take on the traditional design. 


21. Floral blackwork

Take your semicolon to the next level with a large floral blackwork design.


22. In the frame

How cute is this floral frame? We love the delicate linework and soft colours.


23. Ying and yang

Need more balance in your life? This ying yang design adds even more meaning to the semicolon tattoo.


24. Book worm

Turn over a new page with this semicolon book tattoo and tell the world that your story is still unwritten.


25. Lotus flower semicolon

Symbolising rebirth and growth, the lotus flower grows from the mud without any stains. Combine with a semicolon for a deep meaningful tattoo.


26. A sweet scene

We love all the cute elements of this tattoo, especially how the semicolon is framed with a butterfly, flower and strawberry.


27. Make waves

Here the simple semicolon is transformed into a powerful ocean with curling waves. The wearer of this tattoo has ridden the waves and come out stronger.


28. Keep smiling

A small wrist tattoo and a reminder that you can look down and always remember to smile.


29. Tear tattoo

Why not incorporate the punctuation mark into a lady face design? Making the tear a semicolon is really striking.


30. Flower stem

In this tattoo the semicolon bridges the gap in the stem so the flower can keep growing and blooming. 


Whatever style of semicolon tattoo you decide to get read our tattoo healing guide and discover ways to stop your tattoo fading to help look after your new ink. Also check out our Tattoo Aftercare Duo too.