Your Guide To Star Sign Tattoos

Your Guide To Star Sign Tattoos

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Main image: Tattoo by @laurbo_ink

Is your next tattoo written in the stars? From Capricorn to Cancer and Aries to Aquarius, embrace your zodiac sign with a new star sign tattoo.

Taurus; maybe you've always wanted a raging bull back piece? Or for the Leo's out there, perhaps a fine-line feline takes your fancy instead? Whatever your star sign, read on to discover more about star sign tattoos. It's out of this world!


Symbolised by a crab, those with this water sign are said to be emotionally sensitive, using their shell for outer protection. An adaptable personality, moving between sea and shore, with a gift for picking up on other’s energy. For a Cancer star sign tattoo, an intricate crustacean is a beautiful choice.



A fiery personality with a stand-out animal to represent it - the king (or queen) of the jungle! A Leo tattoo is the perfect opportunity to feature a striking lion or lioness to show off your ambition, loyalty and passion.



Another strong sign of the zodiac, Scorpios love fiercely. We love this ode to the fire sign, with a vibrant tarot card style design by @lilyjtattoo, as part of her flash sheet.

scorpio star sign tattooTattoo by @lilyjtattoo


Bringing to life powerful women as star signs, @laurbo_ink in West Yorkshire has inked many zodiac tattoos. This style would work in particular for Virgo, which is represented by a goddess.

"I’ve always loved drawing women, especially cool demon ladies with an edgy vibe - and I thought it would be cool to tailor some towards astrology using the related animal skulls/objects etc as part of the design."

Virgo star sign tattooTattoo by @laurbo_ink


Fine line styles can work well for a delicate and subtle star sign ink, just like this adorable Aries ram tattoo. The first sign of the zodiac, those born under Aries are said to be courageous, enthusiastic and charismatic, thriving on challenge and competition.

Aries star sign tattooTattoo by @amylowdontattoo


Aquarians are said to be intelligent, analytical and innovative, as well as happiest among water. With that in mind, it’s a great reason to include H2O references in a tattoo. You could also incorporate the constellation itself though, which always makes for a delicate and intricate piece.



Said to be the most balanced of the zodiacs, Libras are often depicted by weighing scales. In this body art though, tattooist Louise of @louisecolemantattoos took her signature crescent moon style and styled it with flowers and constellations.

"I have always adored celestial and astrological imagery and been fascinated by the wonders of the night sky; it reminds me of pictures in beloved childhood storybooks and the 90s moon/sun trends that I grew up with.

"I love the delicate aesthetic of star sign constellations - I find the idea of being able to discover more about yourself and your power through astrology alluring and intriguing. 

libra moon star sign tattooTattoo by @louisecolemantattoos

"This is a tattoo I did during my apprenticeship, from a series of moon star sign constellation flashes that were very popular! I am always thrilled to take on projects like this.

"I finally got my own Libra constellation tattooed with a beautiful waning crescent moon by the lovely and talented Barra Badlands Tattoo (@barrabadlands_tattoo)!"


Ambitious, sensual and steadfast with a stubborn streak, it’s no surprise this earth sign is represented by a strong and determined bull. We love this feminine take on Taurus, adorned with a flower crown.



Born between May 21 - June 21, Geminis are represented by twins, making them a good choice for a symmetrical or even matching tattoo. Amber Jane, of @amberjanetattoo created this stunning double headed snake for a client, using stipple shading and dot work.

"I think astrology can really help us to understand our own identities and bring meaning to times of uncertainty. A feeling that the universe will always have our backs in whatever we are navigating," Amber says.

gemini star sign tattooTattoo by @amberjanetattoo


The celestial sign for Sagittarius is the archer, usually portrayed with a bow and arrow. A person who can be fun, free and honest, with moments of impatience, the arrow or constellation works well for a minimal line work tattoo, as well as a vibrant tarot card design.

sagittarious star sign tattooTattoo by @lilyjtattoo


Represented by a mythical sea goat, Capricorns are seen as wise and sincere, yet occasionally cynical. Part goat part fish, this symbol gives a lot for an artist to play with, seen here with another piece from @laurbo_ink - a striking woman with horns alongside a goat skull.

capricorn star sign tattooTattoo by @laurbo_ink 


The sign of the fish, Pisces are emotional, gentle and artistic, with a philosophical mind. The fish can be interpreted in many ways, such as a traditional carp tattoo or a dainty micro style. Hand poked pieces work well for little star sign pieces too, like this Pisces constellation by @amylowdontattoo.


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