Should you say 'I do' to a wedding tattoo?

Should you say 'I do' to a wedding tattoo?

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What could say "forever" more than those special vows on your wedding day? For some body art enthusiasts, getting a wedding tattoo is the obvious way to mark the occasion. But what design to choose and, dare we mention it, aren't wedding tattoos supposed to bring bad luck? Before you say "I do" to a wedding tattoo, here's all you need to know.

Wedding tattoo ideas

When it comes to wedding tattoos, there really are endless possibilities. Perhaps go for a wedding ring on your finger, etch the special date on your skin (handy if you forget anniversaries!), or have your bouquet made into body art. You could even get your wedding photo done in ink.


Lily of @lilyjtattoo, based between Sheffield and Manchester, designed a stunning piece to represent client Naomi’s wedding flowers, blending together beautiful roses, peonies and lavender.

"I love doing wedding tattoos because they’re always so personal to the person getting them, it’s a honour to be trusted with it," says Lily.


Wedding ring tattoos

Whether you choose to wear jewellery or not, a wedding ring tattoo can either be etched in place of a band or to complement the ring itself. Some people opt for a simple band or light handpicked designs. While other inspiration includes the likes of wedding dates, initials and special symbols. A wedding ring tattoo can also look impressive as artwork elsewhere on the body, such as incorporating an engagement ring gem into a sleeve piece or a couple of intwined bands.


Wedding finger tattoos

Rachel Henry specialises in fine line tattoos at her Northern Ireland based studio Delicate Ink. The dainty style lends itself to finger tattoos, specifically for intricate ring styles, lettering and dates.

"Fineline has been a love of mine for such a long time," explains Rachel. "I love how delicate and light they can be. They are perfect for this style of wedding tattoo, subtle yet impactful."

Tattoos with wedding date

Save the date? A way to remember that special day is by getting the date inked - whether you have it as a matching tattoo or styled into your existing art. Fonts such as Georgia, Academy Engraved and Copperplate Gothic, with a serif finish, work well for numerical tattoos.

Toni of @goodlucktoni in the Wirral recently worked on a special piece which celebrated both their wedding day with a nod to beloved family members.
"I love wedding tattoos as there's such a sentimental value behind them," said Toni. “My client James wanted a traditional style tattoo loosely based on his parent's wedding photo to immortalise their special day in tattoo form."

King and Queen tattoos

Representing king and queen, intricate crown tattoos can work for a wedding tattoo. Look out for hand poked and micro tattoo styles to feature on your finger, or look out for inspiration to work king and queen tattoos into ankle, inner arm and thigh placements.


Marriage symbol tattoo

As well as king and queens, there are lots of other ways to symbolise a partnership. Think yin and yang, a pinky promise, sun and moon, matching puzzle pieces or a heart-shaped lock and key. As well as these ways to match with your marriage partner, there are also rune symbols that can represent your connection.


How much is a wedding ring tattoo?

When it comes to tattoos, pricing can be tricky. Generally, for a wedding ring tattoo it depends how long it’s going to take as most tattoo artists charge per hour. This means the design and intricacy can play a part in how much it'll cost you. It’s worth checking out a few artists you love and perhaps researching prices and quotes to get it just right.

Do wedding ring tattoos last?

Like many hand and finger tattoos, high traffic areas can result in tattoo fading. However with a good tattoo care routine, you can prolong the life and avoid needed retouches. If you’re looking for a very detailed design, look into artists that specialise in that style and use tiny needles to avoid blurring.

How to cover my tattoo for a wedding

As fans of body art, the last thing we’d recommend is covering your tattoo - we believe in embracing your skin! However if you’d prefer to cover the tattoo and you’re wearing a dress, the likes of lace and chiffon can make for a pretty and subtle cover up. Or if you’re wearing a suit, consider a shirt, cravat or jacket that hides the areas you’d prefer to cover.

Are wedding tattoos bad luck?

Whether you’re superstitious or not - surely a tattoo alone can’t bring bad luck to a marriage. We say if you love body art as much as your partner, you shouldn’t be put off from getting a meaningful tattoo to mark a milestone in your life.

Manchester Tattooist Char Brown @charbrowntattoo has also been part of someone’s big day with a super sharp initial and wedding band design.

"For me I’m just a hopeless romantic… I love being able to give someone a tattoo that commemorates the happiest day of their lives," shares Char.

"Love is forever and so is a tattoo."


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