Why autumn is the best time to get tattooed

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The changing seasons may mean the end of summer fun, but it's also a much better time to get tattooed!

Autumn is the ideal time of year to get tattooed, and we’re here to explain why:

Cooler temperatures mean easier healing

We all miss the summer, but the heat can make healing new ink so much harder. Sweating a lot can mean your new tattoo is harboring bacteria that you really don’t want in a fresh wound, so to avoid any unwanted infections, wait until the sweaty season is over and opt for cooler autumn days to get tattooed. 

It’s also crucial for healing that you keep your new piece covered up, which you will feel more inclined to do in the autumn. Loose layers of clothing to protect your tattoo from UV rays and the elements are key to successful healing, as UV exposure at this stage (and any stage) can cause permanent damage to your tattoo. A new tattoo and a day spent sunbathing don’t mix well, yet another reason to wait until autumn!

You also want to avoid putting sun cream on a fresh tattoo, as it won’t allow your skin to breathe properly and stay clean enough to heal, another reason why you should wait for the changing seasons. Get tattooed now, and by next summer you will be all healed and ready to enjoy the heat again!

No more beach days

With the changing weather, we’re less likely to be spending all day at the beach, swimming, surfing and getting covered in sand and sun cream. All these activities are no good for a healing tattoo. Getting sand in a fresh open wound like that is asking for trouble, and salty or chlorinated water can really dry your new ink out. Let alone the fact that you shouldn’t even be getting your new piece wet for a couple of weeks! Avoid the damage caused by beach days altogether, by waiting a couple more months to get that new piece.

Quieter studios mean easier appointments

Another positive side of getting tattooed in autumn is that studios are generally a bit quieter. This depends on where you live, and how busy each studio is of course, but generally with less people walking around all day, there are less walk-in customers. This means artists often have more time to work on bigger pieces and custom appointments. So if you’re looking to start a sleeve or a back piece, autumn is definitely the time to do it. You also probably have more free time yourself now that the summer rush is over, so take some time to work on your tattoo collection now!

If you are interested in festive tattoos, autumn is definitely the best time of year. Many artists will be doing flash days that are Halloween themed, so if you’re after some spooky ink, now is the time to do it!

So enjoy the autumn, and make sure to plan lots of new tattoos! Let us know what you get done, and be sure to check out our Tattoo Aftercare Duo to help heal all your new pieces perfectly.